Interior design of the store

    Śliwińscy Optical Service

    Projekt wnętrza sklepu optycznego - Tomek Mucha Design

    Project Details:
    Project: Interior design of the store
    Client: Śliwińscy Optical Service
    Type of Work: Interior design, Visualisations
    Technique: Pensil, Light Wave 3D, Photoshop

    An Idea:
    The basic assumption behind the design of the Optical Gallery Śliwińscy was to create a “loft” interior with a “warm and friendly” character. The idea was that the customer would not feel like in the store. The use of old trinkets, as decorative elements, bought somewhere on holiday trips, the appropriate selection of colours and textures of walls, and the smell of freshly prepared coffee created the interior of the store with a unique atmosphere.

    Wizualizacja wnętrza sklepu 03
    Wizualizacja wnętrza sklepu 04